Our products start and end with you, and in between we are consistently collaborating with our tanneries as well as conducting our own research and development to meet and exceed your needs.  


Our innovation is driven by the teamwork of our executive team, color technicians and leather artisans.   We bring together 200 years of combined leather industry experience.  


Our role goes beyond that of a supplier to one of passion and artistry.  We pride ourselves in designing timeless leathers that bring life and longevity to your projects and creations.

Our Story

Giovanni Euroleather Team.jpg

Left: Giovanni Guidi, CEO

During the peak of the 90’s leather boom, Giovanni Guidi, then owner of a retail furniture store, was making his usual rounds at the annual furniture market where he was often approached by leather suppliers.    As a purveyor of modern European furniture styles, he had a front row seat to the growing trends in leather and amassed a wealth of knowledge to help his customers choose the right leather for their lifestyle.

Giovanni’s face-to-face experience with consumers made him uniquely poised to collaborate with tanneries who sought to understand the needs of the American market. After five years in furniture retail and a number of after-market conversations with Italian tanneries, Euroleather was born and began to create the relationships that today make it a trusted intermediary between Italian tanneries and American furniture manufacturers.

The year 2000 marked the beginning of new hand-finishing operations in North Carolina and signaled a dramatic expansion of product offerings as it recognized a void in hand-antiqued leather.  These collections make up Euroleather's Signature series and include an array of vintage, exotic, and distressed looks that can be easily customized to the customer's needs.  

Above all, Euroleather prides itself on giving furniture the best possible outcome with the natural beauty and longevity that is inherent in leather.


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